Agnosia, by Ambrosia

by Caesar, The Martyr

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released February 6, 2017

Caesar, The Martyr
Rich Twins


all rights reserved



Caesar, The Martyr Tacoma, Washington

Local Hip-Hop & visual artist from Tacoma, WA. Caesar, The Martyr, here to die trying to inspire.

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Track Name: "D E Sire"

So sick of trying for two,
I can try for me, I just can't try for you
I love you, but what the hell's a lover supposed do, when the loved don't see, everything I'd do for you

Find me in my everydays,
Hide myself in golden frames,
Think about the future though I know it won't change,
But I contradict myself, because god damn our love can't stay the same,
Now I'm all alone, don't even matter if I hide the pain,
But today's another day, suppose to say I hope it gets better,
Though I keep finding myself, praying for some storms or bad weather,
Cause only when it's raining, do you need my umbrella,
You know you usually just say, oh well you fell, and it's whateva?
You really prideful, and I know you think you clever,
You tryna burn our ties while I be gripping on my teather,
Guess I can't cast blame, for this lust in love forever,
And I apologize if you just tired of the letters,

You can use me all you want, my only wish is your desire, and what's a lie- if you're in love with the liar,
You keeping me alive, although I'm burning in a fire, try to bury me away, yet you still mine to admire
You can bury me away, you're still my favorite liar
She leave a trace of her taste, on my lips like a sweet, I
Lean in again, repeat, tropical retreat,
Rubbing n touching, ecstasy 36 degrees, without words or plead,
She just got on her knees,
Lightly scraping on me, with her, teeth and a squeeze, she says please, give it to me,
hold up babe, let's light a candle,
This the shit that I can't stand, so I need to get a handle, change the channel, light a fuse, grab a camera and a camel, but
before I can react;
She start ripping off my flannel,
All I see are red lips, my shirts back getting ripped, and this goddess being licked, to the spin,
Of falling,
Now I know for sure I've tripped

(Oh god from this view, all that exist is me & you)

Shaded, jaded, her face way too painted, actress bitch, tho I still maintain it,
ask me what acts we did, first attacked then inscribed my sig across her ribs,
I left em cracked, all 6 of em, nights acts left my cigs pack; empty with plenty, rapper raps to rap about,
So if her pussy out, please keep it out, it's only dreams,
lucidly, I eat her out,
love when her, lips pout,
I don't even, have to ask, she turn around, then I mount,
What we doing not screwing or messing round,
I dress her down, fuck her now,
Fucking fucking, really fucking loud

'Perfect Pitch'
Track Name: "ANGEL"

This the kinda shit that turns angels into demons,
This the kinda shit that fills you up and leaves you screaming,
This the kinda shit that get's you high and leaves you fiending,
This the kinda shit that turns angels into demons,

You don't need to tell me twice, I know that you been heartless,
Just because thoughtless doesn't mean your bullets harmless,
Not everybody stone, still I can't find out where the heart is,
I've started to think, that it must've departed,
Exploring depths of heart that I believe to be uncharted,
Broken glass, sharp alarm, doesn't mean I darted,
I know we depressed, and our ways had parted, but this isn't art,


Finding tragedy in the beauty and sadness around me- so it's hard to see,
Another A by day,
Take another L by night,
Hard to worry bout the reaper when your vice consume your life,
Live from high to high, from hunt to hunt, from night to night,
I'd promise I know wrong from right but my perspective change as quick as time..

That time,
You weren't beside me at the ledge when I was bout to jump,
Weren't staring into the sky, feeling light-headed as fuck,
Heavy feelings, top heavy,
So the bottles half empty,
I admitted my needs, on top my selfish greed,
In the battle of war, they say I'm known to take the lead,
But no we're not a part, I'm not your home, this isn't art
Alone in my tomb, sealed the world and you off,
I ran, and you fell,
A frozen stone was not my hell,
I couldn't help but tell that your want is gone and bone,
Now look at me,
I'm frozen stone;

Frozen stone, cold and bones
Track Name: BLISTR
Sloppy on the Carlo Rossi
Eye balls glossy
Slapping the bag, toss me the franzio
As I start to go, I start to roll
Class one aficionado
Call this braggadocio flow
I hit the lotto, like I'm rabbit
No dollars in my pocket, still I have it,
Like I steal, not the flow,
I kill
My paycheck,
I spend it in a minute,
I should get a second part time,
But my times been filling,
With no chilling,
Like in a oven, filled with something
Heated beat making, and the stunting,
Never fronting,
No you never fronting on me,
I know what I can be,
I believe - in my,
Capability to rhyme - all the time,
24/7 til I die,
And in heaven I'll still write, like a Typer,
Then freestyle at the cypher, with the highest and the higher
Reap the fruits of my labor,
Cause you know ain't nothing riper,
Not the paper, not the header of the fader, not even killing all your haters,
Gotta find another way,
I can't stand doing the same,
As all these other lames, living in they
I gotta change,
And it's gotta be today

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